I create mainly what are known as Unique or Lost Wax Bronzes.
That means that like all my sculpture, there is no mass production.
Each piece is one of a kind.

Sculpting in wax is a very slow process involving melting wax and
allowing it to cool to just the right temperature to handle. Wax must
continually be heated and cooled as layers are slowly built upon one another.
Hallowing out of the inside is necessary. Then the piece is dipped repeatedly in slurry,
a liquid mixture which hardens to form a mold after stipples (straws) are inserted.

At a foundry, molten bronze is poured in through the stipples and the wax flows
out…hence the term “lost wax”. There follows a long process of grinding to remove
all the pieces of the mold.

I work on the patinas using a variety of waxes, polishes and chemical treatments
to obtain the effect I desire. Special mountings are often attached at this point.

Since the wax, bronze pouring, and mold removal expenses are high, I do bronze
pieces mainly on a commission basis.