Clay Sculpture

I choose the type of clay for each piece based on the subject and size.
Clays are mainly: stoneware, half-and-half (porcelain and stoneware),
terra cotta, micaceous clay. Micaceous clay is found in the Taos area
where I live and is traditionally used by the Taos Pueblo people in their pottery.
I select that clay color carefully, since often I keep much of the raw color
exposed after the initial firing,. Patinas vary as well.
Some are glazed with multiple firings, including Raku. Some are painted with multiple
layers of oil or acrylic paints, stains or waxes. At times, a sculpture includes
the incorporation of items from Nature.

Though I sometimes work from models, I mostly create from sketches and
concepts. I have done very realistic Portrait Sculpture. Having freedom to
elaborate is a joy. My inspirations come from my observations of the human
condition, and wisdom from mythology and archetypes. I intend my sculptures
to express emotions and insights we all experience.

While each piece is unique, I will create a similar piece on request.